New Uptown Wine Bar: The Red Room

Thanks to reader, Sari, for giving us a heads up on a new wine bar called The Red Room.


I came across your blog awhile back, but don’t remember how! Anyway, I check in occasionally. I thought you might want to know about a new wine bar that just opened up. It is a bit south of you, at 181 and Bennett, and is called The Red Room. It’s a small cafe during the day (just coffee and tea drinks for now, but I think pastries/muffins to be offered soon) and a (mostly wine) bar at night. Free WiFi. Good wine list. Good music. Good people. Exposed brick, nice bar, local artwork on the walls. Worth checking out! (I am sure they would appreciate any sort of mention as well… I don’t want the place to go anytime soon, so I am dropping a line to various uptown blogs I know.) No! I am not getting paid by them! I seriously just don’t want to see a place like this go. :-)

Anyway, just thought I’d give you a heads up. I really enjoy your blog. Keep it up!


Thanks for the love, Sari! We don’t get paid for this either – we’re just having fun! =)

Now, I do recall that a few of you guys went recently. I searched for a website, but came up short. It has been mentioned on the forums, but would love to hear how your experience was.

So, is 181st and Bennett considered Hudson Heights or just The Heights? Not sure how to label this post for future reference…

UPDATE: i missed where Sari mentions, “The Red Room is owned by the same folks who own Groom Team, the barber shop on 181 between Ft Wash and Pinehurst. People may have heard of Groom Team, I’d imagine.”

is this a new uptown trend? barbershop owners opening up cafes & bars?

first it de Cafe/GLJ in inwood, now The Red Room/Groom Team…

a little odd, no?

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5 thoughts on “New Uptown Wine Bar: The Red Room

  1. The UME had an event there last Saturday and had a wonderful time.

    The setting is attractive and sophisticated. Wonderful collection of local artists on the walls.As someone said here, it does feel very downtown. Throughout the night I would see neighborhood locals peeking in with a sort combinded look of wonder and confusion that such a place existed on their street.

    The staff were charming. They went around to every guest,shook their hand,asked their name,flirted. I think they were overwellmed but the size of our crowd(about 20 of us )and things got a little disorganized. But what the Hell, that made it still feel the Heights.
    The wine sellection was great. Still no food ,but they would offer to go get stuff for us.Im thrilled that places like this are showing life.And that it wasn’t an Inwood score made me feel a little claim of glory.

  2. Went a few Saturdays ago.
    Great little space, but emphasis on little – we were a party of four and were relieved it was fairly quiet, or we wouldn’t have fit.
    Nice selection – they don’t always have each wine on the menu available, so be prepared with back-up choices.
    Very friendly owner!
    My one wish that night was that they would turn off the t.v. – just clashed with the vibe they have clearly worked hard to create.

  3. I enjoyed the space myself. It had a very downtown feel to it, what with the french doors and funky paintings and all. I only tried the bordeaux, but it was a fine glass. I’d go there again for certain just for the ambiance. (I personally think you can get better wines closer to me at La Estufa, but it’s a bit of a macabre affair, since it faces a funeral home.)

  4. Our usual crowd (you know the one I mean) was over there a couple of weeks back and came with good report. I’ll see if someone wants to send in a review…

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