Valet parking on dyckman!?

had to leave the ‘hood friday night and cabbed it back home. We came up the west side and made the left then right on to dyckman. As the cab drove past mamajuanas I saw a big sign in the gutter that said

valet parking RUSH

rush? Valet parking? In the hood? For real? Then I saw the guy in a monkeysuit taking keys.

wait a minute.

Isn’t there a garage right across the street? Actually,there are TWO garages across the street and ONE garage right around the corner on henshaw. Plus, there is tons of free parking all the way down to the marina.

Why would someone need to rush valet? What could be sooo pressing in there, hmmm?

tubby hook cafe much?

File under: shutdafuckup, inwood’s blind eye syndrome

please pardon typos, email sent via mobile

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2 thoughts on “Valet parking on dyckman!?

  1. It seems like an exercise in futility, if you ask me. I’m going to start a list of futile things that keep popping up in the hood. Valet parking at Mamajuana’s and half a million dollar co-ops labelled “NoMa” are at the top.

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