inwood hill park skunks are back

skunk-in-grass-800x600another sure sign of spring in Inwood are sightings of our friendly neighborhood skunks, which seem to already be out in full force and scavenging.  there have been a slew of posts re: skunks on the inwoof group, and since the dog-walking set are pretty up on what’s going on in the park at any given time, dont be surprised if you come across the stinky ones on your daily walks through IHP.

dog owners & walkers alike should keep the deskunkifying ingredients and recipe on hand at all times, so that way you arent scrambling around for tomato juice when it’s really not necessary.  we have yet to been hit, surprisingly, but we keep the recipe posted in our kitchen anyway.  no point in ruining rugs and furniture when you can take your pups straight to the tub and scrub the shit out of them immediately.

fyi – skunks can usually be seen near trash in the morning or at dusk and throughout the night.  they are notorious for eating up scraps inside our playgrounds as well, so be careful after dark.

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6 thoughts on “inwood hill park skunks are back

  1. The little guys are also in the 215th Street Stair Case. Have walked up them at night and saw three little ones walking around, so mother is not that far behind.

  2. Almost ran into at least three skunks in Ft Tryon Park right near the cafe. They were helping themselves to the open garbage cans. Turned right around and walked out of the park another way.

    After living in Washington Heights for almost ten years this is the first time running into skunks. Is this something new to the neighborhood?

  3. peroxide/baking soda/ and dish detergent work better than tom. juice!… If you are unlucky enough to get sprayed like I did (a skunk last fall was sitting behind a parked car by the Columbia football field and one of my two dogs grabbed and shook it while still on leash- all three of us got sprayed) go for the peroxide mix. Me and my dogs all bathed in tom. juice and were very unpopular everywhere we went. On day two my eyes and skin were still irratated and the smell was still strong- I tried the peroxide mix and suddenly everyone was happy to see us again!

  4. In the past month I’ve seen a skunk on Park Terrace East near Bruce’s Garden, and also in front of 70 PTE. Near dusk, just wandering along, checking things out.
    I did not, however, get close enough to check if it was the same one both times!

  5. I am a witness that those “things” do appear and they are ANNOYING, I am in the playground with my twins and they can smell when you have any food, I’ve had TWO incidents when they have jumped on top of my stroller and grabbed the ‘bait’ and left( chicken nuggets and my friends peaunut butter sandwich)! Just scary and down right disgusting! I really DON’T like them!

  6. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve never seen skunks in the park so it’s good to be aware they are out there. You mention that they go after garbage and scraps; I wonder if there’s been any issue with them over are the RING garden (where the composters are). Again, I’ve never seen any but I’m wondering if anyone has.

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