simply, what you see is what you get.

the weight has been lifted off my shoulders. no more writer’s block. i’ve been searching for a way to streamline my online communication for sometime, and all the while i had signed up to this bitch almost a year ago.

really digging the posterous platform:

  1. page views visible per post
  2. how many people retweeted or FBooked your post
  4. feedburner
  5. google analytics
  6. no widgets 

i can decide exactly where i want to upload each individual post:

i havent even checked off all the other places i post to and from, but the options are endless:

so if it’s local update i can post to wordpress & the fanpage. if it’s about familia i can just post it on posterous, or on my locked FB and my private twitter.  or i can make the post private and only share it with my husband. or i can say fuck it all and have posterous autopost “everywhere” for me:

the era of seven tabs open at once is over.

now i have just one place to actually WRITE without all the distractions and noise of internet or the pictures and RSS feeds on my wordpress sidebar. yes, of course, posterous has been available for a while, and you can probably do all the same things on tumblr or somewhere else.  but if you are an old school blogspot or wordpress blogger, you should know you have other options that will what you’ve been doing so damn well all along.

or maybe you’ve wanted to start a blog for a while now, but all the other sites just seem too complicated. if that’s the case, use posterous.

just wish i can implant a chip in my brain to transcribe all the stories i want to write while im washing dishes….

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