HEAD’S UP: Armed Robbery, Seaman Ave

looks like our building on Isham wasn’t the only one to get robbed this week. here’s a note from a good friend, Camille:

You may already know this, but I thought I’d give you the heads up so you can put it on your blog or twitter: My co-worker just told me that Wednesday night, an armed robber got into a 2nd floor apartment in his building at 60 Seaman Avenue, via the fire escape, tied up the family, and let his three accomplices in the front door to rob the place. The fire escape was in the back of the building (I don’t know if the window was locked or not). They caught one of the men, but he doesn’t seem to be talking. The police told my friend that the guys are from the Bronx. That’s all I know now, I’m sure others have more information. But your blog reaches a lot of neighbors and I wanted to keep my fellow Inwoodites informed.

Please forward to your neighbors!

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One thought on “HEAD’S UP: Armed Robbery, Seaman Ave

  1. i think i was in the jury pool for a (the?) person arrested for this crime. i wish i knew more about what happened, and i hope the family is okay.

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