For the last few weeks, Daniel and I have been on a massive purge of stuff. One thing I always loved about him is how sentimental he is. I didn’t think I’d meet anyone worse than me when it came to keeping things for “memories sake.”

But we can’t take it with us, and we are completely out of room. There are five of us crammed into a nyc two bedroom, and the toddlers possessions (clothing, toys, books, etc.) take up more space than all 3 grownups.

On top of all that, I am running our +Inwood Hoops hula hoop project out of our home to save on office fees. Imagine a 75% off sale in the circus – it’s a beautiful, sparkly, disaster of a living space.

Going through my wardrobe today which contains at most 5 sizes, deciding my skinny days are over. Everything must go. Everything but the kids and the hula hoops.

Inspired by: The Minimalists | Deciding to Live with Less

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