I want Bloggers to start Blogging again.

Not Tumble.
Not Facebook.
Not Plus.
Not Instagram.
Not Pin.
Not Tweet.


Ok, maybe tweet. But not tweet so much there’s nothing left to blog. Our attention spans have become so short and social media folks spread so thin… It’s like watching a bunch of dragon chasers.

There’s always going to be something better, younger, prettier that we want to jump in bed with, but will it last?

I’m married to this thing right here. This blog, “manhattanspeak.” Less than 10 posts in a year and still getting hits with absolutely no active promotion. Just a link in various profiles of where to find me.


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2 thoughts on “I want Bloggers to start Blogging again.

  1. I’ve been blogging since 2001. Here’s what I know: post at least once every single day about topics that you are passionate about. Link it around town using hashtags. Pretend nobody is reading. Never expect a blog comment. There won’t be for a while, not until you are blogging in your sleep, in the shower, while washing dishes. There will be a time when you have no choice but to blog. It’s as good as gold. Good luck!

  2. I’ve just started a new blog. I’ve set myself a few goals: stay active enough on twitter to build meaningful connections; post at least once a week, preferably once every weekday; DO NIT post random filler, if it is not meaningful to me personally it doesn’t belong on my blog; NO GIMMICKS, if I have to bribe you to visit my blog once, you are not likely to visit it a second time, let alone become a loyal reader.

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