Updated: Inwood’s La Marina Restaurant Construction Sneak Peek!

Updated: Additional interior photos added at the bottom of this post, 2nd gallery. We were given a contact name for the person who organizes events. Shoot me an email if you need more information.

When a girlfriend asked for wedding and reception suggestions in Inwood, I immediately thought of our local parks. Daniel and I were married in Inwood Hill Park, and many ceremonies are held in Fort Tryon Park‘s New Leaf Cafe. (More info for those looking.)

And then I remembered… La Marina opens June 2012. The seating has been a hot community issue, but 500 seats is still perfect for a grand waterfront wedding on the Hudson in Northern  Manhattan. The views are stunning, and the Dyckman Marina has always been a favorite local secret, with our own Canoe Club, Fishing Pier, Kayak Launch… well, at least until the seal arrived.

So I grabbed the kids, threw them in the truck and took a bunch of photos of La Marina during construction.


I appreciate social sharing, but please don’t steal these images. I wrangled two very impatient toddlers to grab them. Link love is always appreciated.

This is a 360 perspective of the entire area surrounding La Marina restaurant. I wasn’t able to get the South facing deck since the truck was in the way and I didn’t want to enter the property. The south deck faces the George Washington Bridge.

This gallery shows the southern views, including the south deck facing the GWB, what looks like the Beach Club cabana (rest area with outdoor sinks), and courtyard under a big, beautiful, shady tree.








Edit: the fishing pier and the kayak launch have been renovated since we last visited. Unsure if La Marina or Parks Dept improved these areas, but for party hosting, the renos provide exceptional views for photo shoots. They are also hiring as of Spring, 2012

Angie, this post is for you! Congratulations again!! xoxo

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  4. Thank you for the much needed attention to the waterfront. I would add that the Marina, being park space, and one of only a few public water access points to serve millions of Northern Manhattan residents, would really be a glowing addition to the neighborhood if there was some consideration to water-dependent community programs such as boating. The Canoe Club mentioned, is Inwood Canoe Club, a private club not related to the Marina. The kayak launch is largely useless for the neighborhood without consideration to upland access, specifically a place to store boats and allow community groups and programs to thrive. The Parks, CB12, and the community have all urged there to be greater consideration at the Marina for public programs pertaining to water use otherwise we seriously have missed the boat — again.

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