Scene Stealers

People who climb into your inner circle, ask a million questions under the guise of friendship, admiration and support are perhaps the worst kind.

They don’t just take your idea, they manipulate and attempt to quietly kill your spirit while waving their new fun thing in the face of mutual friends. You know, that thing everyone knew you were working on for a while.

Users use people. It’s what they do.

So we shouldn’t be surprised when “projects” and “companies” pop up out of nowhere from these scene stealers. They most likely designed their takeover on the crumbling foundations of severed relationships. They did exactly what they planned to do all along.

All you can do while the spotlight has temporarily shifted is stay consistent, dependable, honorable, and passionate. The bunch of us that supported you years ago when you were the only one hauling ass through parks, stopping us in the street, handing out flyers at the market, following your passion… We will stay loyal because we know how hard you worked to build that thing you love so much. We saw the sacrifices you made with your family and kids while following your dream. BTW, we know a lot of people, too.

We see you.

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